Friday, July 9, 2010

weekend adventures {condensed}

went back home for my 10 year class reunion.
yep. I am old.

had some birthday cake at the river.
{me, the boyf, and his niece.}

filled a pinata with Josh's birthday gifts
and really made him bust it.
he even wore a hat.

found the sweetest puppy on the road.
named her Scout.
and she stole my pillow.

on my birthday 
my momma and dad came up.

brought us a stove

bought me a piece of Fat Kid's Chocolate Cake
and some barbecue.
hung out at home depot.
my dad was in heaven.
did you know you have to special order 30" exterior doors?
thats bs.

then we went to a bonfire.
I somehow got covered in poison ivy.

watched fireworks on the 4th.
then missed work on Tuesday due to 
horrendous poison ivy.

and got this camera
 {this photo here }


Kassi said...

love the photos anna! and if i didn't say happy birthday already then happy belated!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

what?!?!? you're that old? i'm that old, too, but i just knew that you were maybe 20 because you look so young! wow. oh, and i'm jealous of your camera!

Erika said...

Ohmigosh you got a dog! Scout is the cutest thing ever!!!

Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, my love!! :)

Laurel said...

ahh I want you camera! I am expecting a lot of great photos from you lady! Oh and I ADORE your happy fucking birthday pinata. I may just have to steal that idea. genius.

PS some of your pics didn't come through... It may just be my computer but I wanted to see your stove.
PPS We just moved into a house wit a convection oven. I have been burning things left and right. Not sure I really got it yet... even with the conversions. Justin says it is my cooking. I blame the oven,.

erin said...

oooo i that camera is totally on my wishlist! you had a pretty eventful weekend girl! haha & happy belated bday :)

Love and Stuff said...

Got my 10 year reunion in September. What happened to the time?

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