Friday, September 10, 2010

my friend flicka

my current Flickr favorites

 by Elle.Photographyseed preservation by oakmossVintage Big Eyed Postcard by SillyshoppingVintage Big Eyed Postcard by Sillyshopping by emily hunt by somethings hiding in hereFriday Night // Craft Social by giant dwarfPink Bunches by Sweet.Eventidefound by allencompanyinccotton candy & carousel ~ 12 by PinkBow by A starfishAugust 23, 2010 by Parker Fitzgerald by hopefuldoubtfulCafes are the life by {manda}madonna inn restaurant by jena ardellboots by jena ardellokto kiss by jena ardellIMG_4107rt by night.owlblog post by NadinooAli MacGraw in 'Love Story' by eatenbythemonsterAli MacGraw, "Love Story", 1970 by thefoxlingTwo by Paul Thurlby by ilovepeggy286|365 by Functioned BranchesJoin the Tea Party by Lissy Elle by Jess TranGolden Half Camera 2 by ebony on red1 by cyrilsquirrelfox by petimaj by rachel duffymorganelefey by bergdorfblonde5Morning After by Candi Mandi by eleanor rask by Shelbie DimondHello Sue // Hello San Francisco by giant dwarfJ&J-21 by alec vanderboom photography by _acido by melissachaib by melissachaib by melissachaibcap d'antibes. by Sandra Beijer20090702-kot-313 by hrystia kaminskaObject, Flea-market by Benoit.Pend of the day by czuczy by welcome, ghostswinter wonderland by lenaah by Rocio Montoyaanimal wedding by aeronavigatrix by Lina ScheyniusFitting The Nutcracker Costumes of New York City Ballet by Kelli Jo.lipstick words. by karin mathildanative and naive by SagaSuitcases by MaggieMason161 by Jadehannahrae by fetie by fetie by fetieSelina Lake - retro chic bedroom by Selina Lake Stylist by Alicia Bock by elseachelseaVTWonen Inspired by decor8VTWonen Inspired by decor8thaw mag  by Ro Luc. by susannah * photobird by sadie w. harrisdetails - pink balloon by giac1061My Living room by h4ndz by Alicia BockFlowerbed by hopefuldoubtful by A Merry Mishap bloglow tide by DalenaVintage by Brittany Reagan
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Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

LOVE!! There is so much inspiration here. How did you embed your faves? (or is this a screenshot?)

Katy Mary said...

Very cool, some seriously amazing pics here!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

lots of pretty pictures! it makes me want to 1. finally get my 6 rolls of film developed so i can look through pictures, and 2. walk around tonight taking pictures of things.

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