Saturday, October 30, 2010

you're boo-tiful

a few last minute costume ideas.
punky brewster was my fav growing up.
{seriously I used to wear 5 pairs of slouchy missed matched socks at once.}
I am lusting after these bando hearts.
and that puffer vest is only $19.00 at ae

 Do you remember the cartoon? gloomer was my favorite.
{gloomer:creature known as a "leprechaun gopher" that came from a world at the end of the rainbow.} 

She-Ra princess of power

That gold pony might not be swift wind but its cute.
remember how pillowcases made awesome capes when you were growing up? they still do.
drinking large quantities of whiskey will make you feel like you have super powers.

Bonus: you can make your boyfriend/husband be He-Man
did you know he-man and she-ra were twins? weird.

or you could just be taylor swift.


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i tried my HARDEST to find someone who is having a halloween party, that way i'd have an excuse to wear my headdress, but no luck. i love the she-ra ensemble!

holly in heels said...

Awesome post--I TOO loved She-ra and Punky! Ah, typical products of the 80's :) Have a great weekend!

Kate @ said...

I loved She-Ra! They didn't show the cartoon in NZ but I had some video tapes from Australia, hehe.

CAPow! said...

I LOVE the punky and she-ra suggestions! awesomeness!

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