Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And if I had a pony, I'd ride him on my boat

cute little horses are my current obsession
(even if I am a cow person not a horse person. 
much like a cat vs dog person... country style)

party perfect 

via Smile and Wave: Ruby's Pony Party
what a cute birthday party for a little girl!

these horse pins are a preppy classic


Danielle said...

oh, i just ADORE that first shot. ugh!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

oh my gosh, i LOVE the first picture! i want to throw a party for myself just to be able to have those decorations!

would you hate me if i said i was a donkey person? hee-haw.

Deer Little Fawn said...

Beautiful selection of pics! I adore the first one! :)

bee. said...

I'm not a fan of 'real life' horses but those pins are adorable. I love that owl brooch too! Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Love that last girls jeans chunky sweater and belt. LOVE It all.

Kellie Collis said...

The pony on the plate is just adorable! Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx

Anna Elder said...

love your blog! i love meeting another Anna! newest follower!

tria said...

Anna, seriously, love your blog, always and you wanna know what else I love? Horses, holy shnikes, great post!

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