Wednesday, February 2, 2011

weekend adventures

its Wednesday
and the 1st day I've left the house since Sunday afternoon.
Thank you freezing rain.
I was kind of excited to see real people today.
You can only have so many conversations with your dog.

a few of my favorites around the house

my Mammie and her momma (my Mammie Ethel)
isn't that frame beautiful?

Scoutie having LL Cool J ears
she's gangsta like that

a little reminder inside my medicine cabinet.

find of the week: clearance donut hole maker
pancake puffs are my new favorite meal.

cute little boot mug from Goodwill.

I got an Iphone this weekend and I'm pretty much in love with it.
What are your favorite apps?


littlegypsy. said...

hipstamatic, ps express, mphotobooth, oldphotopro, 8mm, qrank, angry birds, words with friends, weatherbug, pandora, take me home...these are my favorites! there are so many to discover! enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the iPhone fun?!? I love Words with Friends (a free version of Scrabble), and I've become addicted to Foursquare too.

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

I'm totally in love with my iPhone, too (I just got it in November). I suggest cross process, instamatic, pandora, and one I couldn't live without - the sleep cycle alarm. It's life changing. Have fun!

Cole said...

Hipstmatic is a must, Instagram is pretty good, too. Words with Friends, Pandora, Angry Birds.
Good luck, you'll be addicted in no time!

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