Friday, April 1, 2011

weekend adventures

I definitely get my ocd from my dad.
Last time I was home I took a few pictures of his shop in the bottom of the barn.

 I'm trying to convince him to turn this old tractor seat into a wall sconce for me.

that homemade wood frame is my favorite

Its the cleanest old barn you have ever seen.
I swear he sweeps the floors more than most people do in their houses.

Have you watched Coal on Spike yet?
Since dad is a coal miner I was afraid to watch it at 1st but now I love it.


my name is sécia. said...

Dads are awesome. :)

erin said...

what a tidy barn! my dad & all this brothers went through my grandpas barn & i swear there were tools from the 1950's! he was not tidy at all :)

Anonymous said...

so many pretty finds in that barn!

First House on the Right said...

My husband is a coal miner. Nicolex

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