Friday, September 23, 2011

my mammie is awesome

My Mammie is the best Grandma ever.
she takes her G-ma job very seriously.
making homemade noodles, strawberry jam (I've never eaten store bought-en jam and I blame her for my snobbiness towards smuckers). Her vegetable soup is magic and can fix any cold.
She can crochet one hell of an afghan and I've always had a
 homemade quilt on my bed instead of a comforter.
she usually has some fun little present for me when I stop over: a kentucky derby glass from 1982, or a pillowcase her mom made out of a feedsack for her when she was little. 
I love her huge heart and how she can still cuss like a truck driver if the situation calls for it.

I get my dog craziness from her (she lets 100 lb Ginger Rogers sit on her lap like she's a toy poodle)

she still hand rolls and hand cuts her noodles.
and there are rules. you can't make noodles on sundays or a day when it rains.
Her and my Pappy have possibly the coolest living room ever.
My pap built it out of materials he got from tearing down an old mason lodge.
(raw wood and sandstone). It's huge.

and they have a whole wall full of their old whiskey bottle collection. 
side note: they used to own bars-- they're not alcoholics. 

[that's only half of the wall]

I am lucky to have such amazing Grandparents. 
They celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary last Saturday. 
They're kind of awesome....


alicia said...

I love love this post. so cute.

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Alisha said...

So sweet! I miss my grandma :(

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