Monday, December 12, 2011

sunday dinner

I think that Sunday dinners with the family are perfect way to start your week. (yes I think Sunday in the 1st day of the week, is that weird?). Spending the day with my family makes Monday seem less daunting. My sister was home from Arizona over the weekend and my mom made baked steak {and mashed potatoes, noodles, cole slaw, green beans} Then my dad, who loathes getting his picture taken, decided he wanted a family photo. Watch out, hell might freeze over later this week...

My brother looks pumped, huh? check out his chops. 

I got picked to be on Amy Jaz's creative team this weekend, (super excited about that!)
and I am loving her new kit Candycane Lane. That red and blue chevron print was an instant favorite.
You can see her store here at the-lilypad.
{check out here super easy and cute Christmas card templates!}

so that was my Sunday;  sitting around reading the Weird Ohio book with my Dad and Uncle Dave and admiring my Mom's tree I put up last weekend, snacking on Snickers pie my Aunt Crystal brought over, and watching my sister watch 3 football games at once (tv, laptop, kindle). 

the ice skating Claus's always get front and center branch reservations. 

how was your weekend?

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