Thursday, October 29, 2009

mi casa

we cut bats out of construction paper and put them inside the lampshade. the best part is that they are invisible till you turn the light on. it's like a super secret halloween suprise. i cannot draw, thank God for the boyf. idea via Young House Love

my turkey cookie jar. i am terrified of birds but i have a thing for vintage turkeys.

my thrifted yarn. i see poms in my future. isn't this the best color combo you've ever seen?

my turkey salt and pepper shakers. and my wee pumpkin is making a 2nd appearance.

I am getting really excited about Thanksgiving! I need a turkey lurkey from Bob's.


Anonymous said...

Love that lamp shade idea - just a pity I don't have any lamp shades!

Beach Vintage said...

I love those little bats on the lamp shade, very spooky!

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