Thursday, February 4, 2010

bubblegum pink is the new blonde.

purple is cute too

and my favorite

inspired by her amazing blog
and shop
photo by Erin Sunday

what do you think of pink tresses? 
i know i would never have the guts to do it.
1st of all my momma would disown me
and i don't think it would go over well at work.
but i do think the light pink swirls look pretty
with blonde. and it reminds me of cotton candy,
and pretty ponies. 

my Mammie & Pappy gave me a huge dollhouse
I have been coveting since birth that is sitting 
unfinished in their basement. pretty excited :)
so maybe i can just have a blythe with bubble gum
hair live in my dollhouse someday.

some of the images are from tumblr and have no credits
so if you know, let me know!


caroline duke said...

YES! i LOVE pink hair. i did parts of my hair once on a whim in college and when it finally got really, really light, i loved it.

and i love that rachel mcadams hair. maybe i'll put a secret little streak underneath my hair. ok i won't be able to stop thinking about this now.

BrittanButterfly said...

ah-ha! I love this post!!! and the bubble gum pink hair... it reminds me of when I was in middle school and I dyed my blond hair red (using the excuse of halloween) with semi permanent manic panic (I had never dyed my hair before) and with the help of a friend who dyed her hair a different color every week. my parents where horrified, especially my mom when she saw the ring around the tub (think cat in the hat, she hates that book for this reason!)... well let me tell you, I don't know if I have seen such a bright red still till this day... but when it started to fade out it looked like the pictures above, especially the ones with pink at the ends... I ended up cutting it out, but now I think I like the idea, ha ha ha!!! great post, thanks for the pics!

Cole said...

I've always loved pink hair. I'm pretty sure my hair is way too dark to be able to get to any shade of pink, oh well.

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Ever since Trolls came out, I've always wanted pink hair. I've never had the nerve to do it though.

Sweet Nothings said...

i LOVED when rachel mcadams had it done..and gwen stefani.

Andy said...

wow, if only i could pull it off. I'm sure you could anna!


Francesca Forzoni said...

I am actually so debating pink highlights after this post!


Aaron + Kayti said...

makes me want to go blonde with pink highlights - i love it!!

Jessica Druck said...

i have always wanted some pink in my hair. bah. this is inspiring

lavienouveau said...

I love pink hair. I totally wish I could pull it off - I used to be so obsessed with Audrey Kitching!

Kelli said...

i don't know how you just made me consider having pink hair...but you did :) Love these photos!

acute angle said...

I accidentally bought blonde hair extensions that I can't return. I'm starting to think that I should dye them bubblegum pink!

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