Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wednesday wishlist.

the cutest boots ever!
p.s. you can take the ruffle off.

homespun style dress

smore brownies

1 of each please
via anthro

a set of lotus bowls

planner and tape
via Yozo

wednesday wishlist 
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Helen said...

Oohh, s'more brownies!! They look delicious!

Micaela said...

just hopped on over from danielle's blog- i looove your wish list!

esp those boots (keep the ruffles please!) and the eiffel tower tape.

Andy said...

oh that is indeed the cutest boots ever! and i love that Parisian masking tape.


Lindsay said...

love all of it!!

*D* said...

oh my gosh that smore brownie looks delish! i need to know how to make it! :)

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