Friday, May 7, 2010


not only is their magazine beautiful

(their take on Strawberry Shortcake characters is impressive.)

Lula Magazine has the best photos on their scrapbook 
Tennessee Thomas by Alexa Chung

by Tennessee Thomas, freaking awesome

kirsten dunst

Sophia Burn (of The Veils)

ana kras
annie mcgarry

happy Friday!!!

all images by and from Lula Magazine


Alyssa said...

oh wow, i just looked at the strawberry shortcake images! they are so creative yet still have that cute whimsical feel- love!!

Kelli said...

i'm in love with these...

Soft Atmosphere said...

lovely ! visit my new blog of jewerly ! love from Spain

wishful nals said...

these images are beautiful. thank you for sharing. xo!

Ashley Gray said...

Hey Anna! You won the parcel

And by the way, your blog is adorable! I wish I had seen it earlier :)

Ashley Gray said...

PS I need your address. . . I almost forgot (I'm very out of it right now). My email is, can you send it to me?

garcia.mari said...

im liking the lula pics, i hope i can get it around where i live!

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