Friday, May 28, 2010

weekend adventures

last weekend we spent time at Josh's families new place on the river.
wandered into town and ate breakfast at this cute diner.
my mom is a kickass breakfast maker and their home-fries 
were the closest thing I have ever tasted to hers.
and they fried my ham for my egg sandwich.
Blue Bell you are probably my new bff.


On Saturday night we went to a local brewery
it sits on the river and they actually grow hops on the patio.
 the inside looks like a bar and a coffee house had a baby.
I want the vintage sectional they have.
Or this one.

we finally put up the decal I bought from shanna murray.
I am slightly obsessed with her decals now.
It was so easy to put up.
ok not gonna lie, I am like a walking disaster and I 
didn't want to screw up something that will be on our wall forever 
so I watched Josh apply the decal. But it all worked out 
beautifully with no complications.
this is my next purchase I think. 
she does customs as well so I am brainstorming on that!
any cute ideas?

this song from Dierks Bentley's bluegrass album is all over the radio.
I love that its acoustic. and it hasn't gotten old (yet)
watch the video here

Come on girl it's almost dawn
Lets get it 'fore the magic gone
Tall tall grass all around
Come on lay that blanket down
Wild flowers just like you
Lay on me like mornin' dew
Now take my hand walk with me
Sun come up through them trees
Give you all I got to give
That's how we live up on the ridge

his tour poster wants to be framed and hung up in my livingroom


Michelle (michabella) said...

What a fun weekend! I love that picture...Go Buckeyes! AND YOUR ROOM LOOKS SO GOOD ANNA!!!! I have plans to paint my boyfriend's bathroom in his new house inspired me and made me fall in love with it! That decal is super cute...good job ;) Have a greatttt weekend! <333

Anonymous said...

Love the first picture! SO cute! :) You should frame it.

Kassi said...

i love home fries.... mmmm
and i love the comment you left on my blog about you and your dad - so sweet!
and.... you're the cutest thing. i seriously wish i could eat the way do and be as tiny as you - pretty pretty girl
oh and i love the decal - very cute!

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Love the decal! I'm heading over there RIGHT now! So cute.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

oh man, i could really go for some good home fries right now! there's a little dirty restaurant that's only opened for breakfast (that i haven't been to in ages) and they have the best home fries i've ever eaten!

p.s. i'm willing to fight you for that sofa ;)

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

I love those decals - yours looks fantastic! Have a great weekend!

Kellie Collis said...

Looks like fun! xx

Issysue said...

So jealous about the Dierks Bentley poster! I'm only slightly in love with him. The decal is really lovely too!

Bridget said...

that decal is SO cool.

speaking of decals - have you seen THESE beauties?

if not, you're gonna love me.

rachel! said...

i love that decal! so cuteee.

Beach Vintage said...

Oh my I love that Blue Bell sign. Would love to visit.

Lara said...

Hey Anna, I love the decal over your bed. I did the exact same thing with another one of her designs. :)

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