Monday, December 6, 2010

RC Cola and a Moon Pie

a few things I spent my hard earned money on this week
milk and honey chapstick
3 for $12 over the knee socks at ae
I have worn this plaid button up 4 times already
this jumper was only $5 on the clearance rack
doggie diapers for scoutalicious. (she's in heat).
sweet potato twists because I feel bad for making her wear a diaper. 
she acts like she is paralyzed when she has it on. if she absolutely has to go somewhere she walks 3 steps at a time then has to take a break.
sad and hilarious.
I have a horrendous cold and these achooz are a lifesaver
I might be addicted to knit hats.

target has the cutest sweaters in the little girls section. an XL in this cardigan fits perfect.
blog love course from RVA
vitamin water and day quil are my new bff's
this candle smells like Christmas cookies
nutty bars taste like 5th grade

have you seen the faces of the civil war collection?
I am a history nerd so I think its pretty amazing.


bee. said...

I'm loving that gorgeous turqoisey hat!

Nicole Jeannette said...

Cute stuff! I love it! Btw I'm adding you to my blog roll! :)

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