Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the stuff i love

I live for Christmas
I get it from my Mammie
she puts up 10 plus Christmas trees.
I only have 2 this year.
and they are both artificial thanks to my Christmas tree {mold}allergy.

yup, I've been killing Christmas since 1982. {in the words of my sister}

my vintage tree
all the ornaments are from my Mammie and Mam-maw

and my fun size tree
with wax paper stars and  rag garland.

do you have your decorations up yet?
I am still in new house mode and I am petrified of putting holes in the walls
or making any other hasty decor decisions so we don't have alot of stuff up this year.

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Laurel said...

sad that you can't have a real one... but you make up for it with TWO!!!! :) Love your Christmas Card!

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