Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the stuff i love.

2 (or 3) things I love around my house
go to Kassi's blog and link up.

cute Stella and Dot necklace

pretty pink deer from Follow the White Rabbit
she hangs out on my computer desk

wrangler skirt I forgot I had.

p.s. I have the cutest Mammie in the world

(my cousin's wedding)


Hope Chella said...

It's so much fun to reflect on the things we love :) Cute post!


BuenoBueno said...

you do have a cute mammie and i love that wrangler skirt!
i love finding old treasures hidden in my closet.
jacob just found my fav shirt today and i asked him where it was....all he said was "it doesnt matter" hahaha that means he was the oe who misplaced it!

Kassi said...

cute love necklace and you'll have to take a pic of yourself wearing the skirt! mammie is a doll... i just love grandparents!
when are you moving into your new place?
thanks for playing along, anna!

With Love, Jamie said...

Cute stuff! :)

littlemissjuicy said...

Soooo cuteee...especially the picture!

a pina colada said...

Yea! Love that you love your necklace! Great list of things! Happy day!

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