Tuesday, March 2, 2010

stuff i love

 I love Mondays. 
I am still full of false promise and happiness from the weekend.
By Tuesday I realize work sucks and I'd rather be at home.
stuff i love this week:
seashells and plaid
 via shopruche

navy boots. 

p.s. 2 cute outfits with them i made here
the mustard obsession continues...
(the only item in this board i can afford is the skirt.)

Amanda Seyfried.
she is leaving Big love.
I'm not gonna lie, I love the show less already.
she shops on black friday, and has awesome hair.
we should be friends.

 funky green coat

sweet little paper kitchen
(go check out her giveaway, tons of cuteness.)

my white trash honeymoon destination
(seriously, i'm not joking)

my momma used to do this to my hair.
mostly for football games.
or church.
both equally important where i'm from.

hurry up Wednesday....


erin :) said...

what a fun post. :) i love the variety of pictures and i definitely know what you mean about hair braiding; i miss that too. thanks for sharing these! :)

Adele said...

love this post! that green jacket belongs either on a golf green or in my closet (: and ribbon braids are the sweetest! have a good week love, the weekend will be here in no time! xx

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

I love that outfit, and the paper kitchen! You always find such adorable stuff.

my name is lauren. said...

how did i forget about ribbon braids???? loved those!

also....i totally want an airstream. so bad. i always used to call them "hot dog trailers" cause of their hot dog-like shape.

oh...and as for your question about the land rover....i like how it looks, but it's not a very smooth ride. craig bought it because it was a rockin' deal and he wanted to fix it up and sell it, but then i loved it cause it's shiny and new(ish) so we've kept it....for now anyway. he works for his family's mercedes auto repair shop, so he's partial to mercedes. that's what he's always had until now.....but they've all been old, so it's nice having a shinier, newer car....even though it's not that new. ok....long answer to a short question....sorry about that.

hope you thursday doesn't suck!

Robyn said...

I now feel the need to own navy boots, and the urge to play with paper dolls. (They could hang out in the paper kitchen drinking wine, and eating take out. If I don't use my kitchen, I can't expect my paper dolls to use theirs.)

Stephanie said...

I love the yellow cardigan! And I love amanda seyfried, she did a wonderful job in Dear John.

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