Thursday, March 4, 2010


she might be kinda bitchy and has no sense of reality (maybe)
who am I to judge?
I love her style.

and i still love this photo of her.

Happy Thursday!
also known as weekend eve.

{all photos found via tumblr}


Adele said...

she has such an exquisite face (: and yes, her style is to die for, and so is her million dollar wardrobe! xo

Being Brazen said...

Love those pics. she has lovely style

Anonymous said...

I love her style as well. she is one of my favorite characters on the city! * Can't wait for it to return for that reason.

mumbles said...

she's to posh and preppy in my opinion
but their outfits are great most of the times
the last photo is so lovely

elledee said...

the last photo is adorable!

BuenoBueno said...

she is beautiful! even if she is a bword....what if they just told her to be that way? hope so.

Kassi said...

she does have great style!
but who the heck is she?
i feel soooo out of the loop!
enlighten me porfavor!

Anonymous said...

check out my blog! you may have won something! :]

Kjrsten said...

she has legs for DAYS! I like her style too, and she makes for good TV.


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