Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my mom wanted to go to bingo for her birthday

yep Bingo. that's what we do for excitement in the country.

but we took Annie, and she might be the best 2-year old bingo player ever.

with the best hair.

Sunday we went to my brother and sister-in-law's farm 
and spent all day in the sheep barn picking out show lambs.
I was pretty much covered in lamb crud so i didn't take any pictures.
They have the sweetest goat with 3 babies 
and they were playing king of the mountain.
it looked a lot like this.

the rest of the weekend was pretty calm
raggedy anne got her dress washed.
(andy is a pimp)
my Aunt Opal made me these dolls when I was little

scout played. 
she has started monster trucking me in the 
mornings when she's hungry or needs to go out.
it's a good thing i'm a morning person.

and then she slept
a lot.

I did find a cute I Love You Mom china cup and 
2 Polaroid cameras still in their boxes at goodwill.

how was your weekend?


Ashley said...

Where is this farm?!?!? I've been on the hunt for a goat!

Anna said...

its in Ohio (& you're in Cali?) so too far. But if you get a goat you should buy a Boer. they are the cutest little boogers.

Nicole Jeannette said...

Cute stuff :)

Cole said...

Ok, it's official, Scout & Edie need to get together and get some of the crazy out.

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