Monday, March 28, 2011

wedding whims

since I'm convinced my dog is cutest thing since Uncle Jesse singing the Teddy Bear song
I think wedding photos incorporating your dog are sweet.
(even though I know Scout wouldn't be invited to my wedding-
she would be too excited and  pee on everyone, eat the cake, 
and give the guests bruises from her crazy tail.)

exploiting her adorableness might be better in a save the date
or engagement pictures.

what do you think about including pets in your wedding day?

additional sources here

oh and I am in love with this portland wedding


Tucker said...

I fully intended including my boston, lucy. but it didn't happen. she's kind of nutty and i doubt she would have made it down the isle. haha (:

i love the trend though!

jacin {lovely little details} said...

we wanted to have our pup in our wedding too but weren't able to :(. love the concept, though!

Ashley said...

If we were allowed to have pets at our venue, I would have so wanted Schatze to have been part of our wedding..... but she's socially awkward to the nth degree, so it's probably all for the best.

BrittanButterfly said...

I am all for pets in weddings because I am a freak for animals! plus, dogs ALWAYS look cute with bow ties!!! (i better work on getting posey bird in a little tux or something, i think she may fight me on that one, ha hah a)

my name is s├ęcia. said...

LOVE these photos! I only wish we had our puppy before we were married but alas, he came later. Although, we were married in a church which probably wouldn't have been appropriate. :)

Cole said...

I love dogs in weddings but we knew Edie would be naughty cakes & jump on me and tear my dress and Layla would be too scared and hide under everything.
That first engagement session is wonderful!

raquel raney said...

ha! little cuties.

sunny antrim said...

Wow, I so love this 'save the date' card idea. I want to get married now just so I can make these cards with my cute pup!

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