Thursday, November 3, 2011

I wish glasses would have been this cool in 1991

back in 2nd grade, I had to get glasses.
they were not awesome. 
they were blue and supposed to be cute, but not so cute with my red hair.
I used to get in fights on the playground hoping my glasses would get broken in the scuffle.
I got over it. I love my glasses now

This season there are glasses in every catalog, lookbook, fall campaign.

cropped fairisle pullover from Free People


J. Crew
sweaters + glasses + messy hair = adorable

I was 3 for 3 in second grade...


Being Brazen said...

hehehe... ye i also wish glasses were cooler when i was younger

Nat @ dear little house said...

Maybe I started a trend? Untended hair and specs? That's my trademark :p

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