Tuesday, June 8, 2010

art journal

I am so sad that art journal class is over.
{even if  I'm super behind}
Now it's time for Summer Camp!

p.s. my friends are amazing

all photos via me


Anonymous said...

you are so super creative and I love that you need more oreos.
PS How do you get all your photos to have that old quality.

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

What pretty entries!

erin said...

so fun! i bet you'll love it forever!

Anonymous said...

i love these! i recognize the toast catalog in there!

i took the class as well, and i am even further behind than you are, lol

Tori said...

I love my journal. Its literaly part of me. I dont go anywhere without it

Michelle (michabella) said...

Anna! Great art pages!!! <333

its simple love said...

So cute! I love the page on the house. Did you draw that? That is amazing. Yay for summer camp! And just summer in general. Gotta love it.


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