Friday, June 18, 2010

what I bought

Do you have a Gabes in your town?
I have spent my whole life shopping at a Gabriel Brothers.
I may be the cheapest person alive. {I get it from my Dad.}
they always have cute urban outfitters and anthro clothes.
that grey dress matches our bedroom

love the pockets in this dress.

I also found a cute tank top
and 2 skirts {they are already in the laundry.}
this skirt {but in navy}
and this skirt.
all for under 60 bucks.

some other random purchases
the most adorable 99 cent tree from Goodwill.
I want to paint it a fun color.

wood grain fabric from etsy

boy shorts from ae

and I won Brunch at Sak's giveaway
so I am pretty excited to spend $100 at CSN Stores

Happy Friday!


Kassi said...

score for you!
i love the gray dress that matches your bedroom and the gray sweater behind it! i'm going to have to click on the link for gabes because i have no idea what it is... a thrift store?

Salt said...

I don't have a Gabe's near me, but after reading this, I really wish that I did!

Jamie said...

WooHoo! Love all of it!!!! You hit the jackpot!!! What awesome treasure!

blue moss said...

we have a rugged warehouse...which i think is the same popping in there ever once in awhile to see if i can find a treasure or 2 ....
you certainly found some great things
happy weekend

Laurel said...

I have those shorts... they are amazing.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

there's no way you could be cheaper than me...maybe it's a tie. i'm actually so cheap i'm embarrassed to go shopping with people! on the bright side, i get a whole lot more stuff than other people because i usually won't pay double digits for something!

erin :) said...

lucky you! i am in total admiration of everything in this post! i love that dress in the first picture and the pink one too! i've never heard of gabes, but now i will definitely look it up! i hope seattle has one! :) thanks for sharing!

erin said...

ooo i love that tree! they are selling stuff at urban like that they are soooo much more expensive!!

Kristin said...

Love that grey dress. What a fabulous score!

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