Wednesday, June 9, 2010

living room. sigh.

Josh and I have been arguing over the living room.
I have crazy ocd and I can't sit with my back to the front door.
I don't know, I'm weird. 
I want to be able to see the front door and out the front window if i'm sitting on the couch.
Plus having the couch like that cuts the room in half.
So when Josh went to work last week, I rearranged.
When he came home he put it back the way it is in the diagram below.
We need to figure something out before we kill each other.
I would love, adore, appreciate any ideas!

my puma's snuck in the picture :)

our espresso couch (and loveseat too but I couldn't find a photo)
they are the best "brown, no black, no maybe it's brown" color

we have ass ugly brown chairs in front of the picture window in the foyer area.
they were my sisters, and then mine, then a friends, now mine again.
they may or may not have a funky smell that febreeze can't kill.

target bookcase

Josh found our coffee table at an antique store.
and he never goes thrifting with me.
Beginners luck.
see our old orange recliners?
miss those.
{bet you do too, ky}

we need to buy more furniture.

p.s. I think Josh needs to build me this
on the wall where the loveseat is living right now:
{I don't know where I found this photo??}


Mrs. Blimes said...

You make me smile! Be glad you're able to have this argument! In our home there is only one possible way to arrange the living room cuz of the fireplace/bay's weird but yeah. I feel your pain on the decorating frustration!

Michelle (michabella) said...

This is hard to do without being there...but You have it set up pretty good!

Why don't you angle the room? As in putting the TV in the corner of either the upper left corner or lower left corner? Moving the bookshelf if needed to the other side of the room? That way the couches are angled instead of your back comepletely facing the door...?

Anonymous said...

I am going to take on this challenge tonight. love it!
I like the idea of putting the tv in the corner. ours is and it takes the focal pt away from the tv

Anonymous said...

I say ... get rid of the loveseat. move the couch over by the bedroom door (where the bookshelf is.. will it fit?)
put the tv in the corner (not by tthe window but by the closet so it is hidden) .
Put a huge big piece of art where the tv is and on the wall where the loveseat was.
and instead of the two chairs find a kick ass ottoman to put by the half wall to relax on.
Put the book shelf...not sure yet.
Where did you find that great computer program to make up a layout of your living room?

Anonymous said...

oh and maybe in the future get a round coffee table that matches the *future* ottoman on the other side of the room.
Ok I am having way too much fun with this... I am done:)

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