Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm kind of boring now

I have been doing a whole lot of nothing on the weekends.

lots of qt with the scouters
 lunch dates with my dad
loving up my bed and watching trashy reality tv

and redecorating the blog 

i'm a little bit in love with my new banner


Being Brazen said...

Im sure you will get super, busy again - you probably just need the "time-out" now :)

Enjoy your chill time while it lasts x

Nicole Jeannette said...

Hope you're doing okay! :) You don't need a man to be interesting! I love your blog and think you're great!

Nat @ dear little house said...

Loving the new look :)

sécia said...

I love the new look too! Well done.

♥ sécia

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