Monday, July 11, 2011

mini cheesecakes and a cupcake tree

My mom volunteered me to do another wedding "cake" this weekend.
It might be my favorite dessert table so far.
The bride wanted a mini cheesecake tower,
two kinds of cupcakes {red velvet and swiss chocolate}
and a cake.

I made Mini Cheesecakes in 3 flavors.
Pumpkin. Devils Food. Cherry.

the bride had the cutest side bustle on her dress

{actual dress from David's Bridal here}


Bad Joan said...

These look so delicious! Love your blog!

Cat said...

To me ... cupcake trees are like pyramids of wondrous deliciousness. My bestie, who is getting married in September is having doing this for her wedding ... I am super excited!

♥ Cat brideblu

Erika said...

I would never be able to monitor a dessert table - I swear I would eat everything myself! :P

sécia said...

Love this! Really sweet and they look so yummy.

♥ sécia

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