Friday, July 29, 2011

pretty / lazy

I am unquestionably lazy when it comes to doing my hair.
on a normal day I wash it in the shower. then i brush it (probably... maybe)
and yup thats about it.
It usually ends up in a huge mess of a bun by noon.
Ponytails remind me of 5th grade but these pretty pony's have me reconsidering.

gray and tan dresses are my other new obsession

bottom dress via sterling style


Anonymous said...

oh, i love!!

sécia said...

I do the exact same thing! I'm the queen of the messy bun. However, lately I have been doing a low ponytail and it's pretty cute.

♥ sécia

Mrs. C said...

Totally feel ya on the wash and go look! And those dresses are adorable!
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Emily said...

what about that top dress?

Anna said...

top dress via


blue moss said...

I'm all about a messy bun in this heat....and I LOVE that bottom.dress

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