Saturday, January 23, 2010

dollhouse obsession

I have always wanted a doll house.
all i had was a gloworm house.
my sister got a barbie dream house 
for Christmas one year.
it had an elevator and everything.
i was jealous.
so i sat on it.
that elevator didn't work anymore.

this is the only dollhouse i had.
it is the best.
still have it.
elevator, pool, see-saw.
that place was pimped out.

i would put this one in my house now
and maybe live in it.

I can't wait to have a little girl
so I can validate this obsession!

(click on photos for source)

I am elated.


The City Sage said...

oh yes, I had (have) this obsession too! the worst was that my baby sister got her hands on my tiny furniture and transformed it into broken tiny furniture...

Hannah B. said...

Cannot even tell you, how much this made me smile! *love* :D

Andy Tan said...

i so love doll houses, but I never had one of those big ones. And ditto with the little girl. Everything I never had, she will have.


Biba said...

Hey thanks for your comment - hope your 2010 gets better :) These pics are killing me with the blythe dolls!!

p.s. make that 61 followers

Nahl said...

They are SO pretty! Especially the white one.
you know when I was dad got me the most AMAZING dollhouses. He used to get me such amazing suff-Barbies, and clothes for the barbies..and beautiful frocks that I used to wear-the best of it all was the dollhouse.
You just reminded me that there WAS a time when I didn't feel forgotten by my dad. Thank you for that. =)

M said...

I used to love playing with doll houses!

Helen said...

This reminds me of my childhood. I loved dressing up my barbies and dolls!

Adele said...

hi hun! (: that dollhouse with shoes in it is a greatt idea. might just have to make one of them to house my insane number of shoes. (; ill most definitely check out your tumblr. see u around! xoxo

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I LOOOOOVE that shoe dollhouse! I might see if I can get my husband to help me make one, but I'd need a shoe mansion.

The only "dollhouse" I had was a late 1970's hand-me-down Barbie house that was red and orange. It was so ugly!

elledee said...

love this post! I have secretly wanted a dollhouse forever but I don't know that a 20 something can justify buying one...

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

I used to have a Barbie dream house. I was crushed when my parents finally got rid of it.

I love that you sat on your sisters. So funny!

sharonlei said...

Doll houses are amazing.. I had a Barbie dream house when I was younger.. oh how I loved it.. it had a barbeque deck on top, four bedrooms, two baths, a spiral staircase, and a cute little swing on the porch.. OMG! I wish I still had it. :)

Love & Aloha,

Hannah B. said...

Saw this today and thought of you! ::

Anna said...

oh that is too cute! i love how open it is!
thank you :)

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