Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a few things i wouldn't mind.


an afternoon
lounging on this couch
wearing those glasses
rocking pink tights
listening to records


these boots.
ok the entire outfit.


a puppy like this


my closet with this shoe trolley
isn't that the best idea ever?


the courage to wear a
pretty plaid cape like this.


this tommee tippee cup
(until i have a wee one)
because it is just like the one we used at my Mammie and Pappy's
and when i say we i mean all 9 of us grandchildren
and all 7 great grand babies.

Laurel gave me with this amazing compliment.
I also think her blog is pretty kick ass.
Go check it out.
I love her pre proposal posts!

new years resolutions coming soon.



Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Listening to records in pink tights sounds like a good day to me {I have done it many a time}!
Stay stylish!
xo Mary Jo

Aney, said...

Adore the list and photos! I love lounging around as well, especially with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands while watching a romantic film :) Love the blog darling !

Jamie said...

that plaid cape is killer!!! i want...

molly said...

ditto to all that you said! lovely blog by the way. so nice to meet you :)

Being Brazen said...

Love that mug and those glasses in first pic - cuteness!!

erin said...

love that whole outfit too! & your blog :)


that little fatty [pup] is so cute.

Andy Tan said...

that shoe trolley has my name written all over it!! i so love to have one. check it out in my blog soon!

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