Thursday, January 21, 2010

hopes and goals for 2010

Better Late than Never!!
hopes and goals for twenty ten
because resolutions get broken!
1.have a pony tail this perky.
i never do anything with my hair.
i did buy this this and this.

2. Eat more. Really. I never eat enough good food.
I am the cookie monster, remember?

3.Have girls night with my loves atleast once a month.
If not more.

4. Take more photos.
And get an impossibly cool camera.

5. Go camping with the boyf.


7. Make our new house amazing!
(When ever we get to move in that is.)

8. Read more.

excited about this book club!

9. open an etsy shop.

10. stop spending $

11. Build a fort inside.

(i am doing this to suprise J for valentines day.
let me know if you have any ideas)

12. Plan my outfits the night before so i don't waste an hour deciding on a skirt.

13. Wear shorts and tights without looking like a prostitute.

14. More family farm time.

15. Keep a journal.

I also want to learn how to do a million things.
another post, another day!

Back to work tomorrow after my wisdom teeth vaca.
Still look like a cabbage patch kid.
Wish me luck.


notebook doodles said...

good luck with the wisdom teeth :p and thanks for the comment!

Kassi said...

i love your #13!!!
great goals!
good luck tomorrow!

Andy Tan said...

Hope you reach all those goals!


acute angle said...

I didn't officially make any goals but when I think about it the two things I've been working on for the last couple of months is saving money and growing out my hair. Spending less is hard but convincing my hair to GROW is even harder. I've discovered the magic of fake hair/extensions/hair pieces. Let me tell you, I'm ADDICTED to fake hair! It's too fun! And it makes every hair style look fuller and more interesting! I started with buying cheap hair off of ebay and I love it so much I'm upgrading to real clip in extensions. EEEK! looks like my hair obsession is infringing on my saving goal!

BuenoBueno said...

oh no i had my wisdom teeth out before it was awful!
i love your goals!
i still need to be mine.
but yes here is an idea for valentines day!
my sister did this for her bf and he was in awe.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I pretty much want to do every single one of those things, especially do something with my hair (it's boring), wear tights with shorts and declutter.

Ducks Like Tea said...

I agree, my resolutions always get broken.
I love all these things, I want to build a fort inside again. Like when I was a littlie :).
The camping photo is lovely.

BrittanButterfly said...

Hi Anna!
I love your post... I especially love the photo of the boy and girl camping... where did you find that pic?!?

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