Wednesday, January 20, 2010

wednesday wants.

i want to live in this outfit.

and wear this necklace

have a daughter
and wear matching wellies.

hang this print up
in my bedroom

or this one.

buy some white oxfords like this.
i was up in the air on them
but sienna miller
convinced me.

have the boyf build this is the backyard.

and last
but NOT least i want

to be able to eat cookies again.

happy Wednesday from this little chipmunk.


mumbles said...

nice denim outfit
and love eating delicious cookies too

Clare said...

that abcd poster is so cute! Such a simple idea, wonder why no one's come up with it before...

Andy Tan said...

Love that alphabet print! And Sienna's relaxed outfit.

Emily said...

I found that yogurt and smoothies was the best thing when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Just don't use a straw because that can cause dry socket! OUCH!! I really like the white oxfords too. I want a black or dark brown pain and a classic pair of white keds.

Haven and Home said...

Yes please, I will have one of each! Love your profile picture!!!!

Design Actually said...

Love the necklace & the cute! Love your blog!

Anna said...

oh that necklace! and the i <3 u print. swoon!

Being Brazen said...

Love the first outfit - so great!

BuenoBueno said...

i love denim shirts, rainboots and jack johnson!
this post was fun!
oh and p.s you can gain 2 more entries on giveaway if you blog or tweet music video.

love your blog!

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