Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Whimsy

just a few things I'm head over heels in love with today.

remember the topsy tail? 
{found via wit + delight}

pink sparkle shorts. so not practical but so I still want them. 
brainstorming Halloween costumes already and its only August.

Fall is coming. I despise coffee but this photo makes me want to learn to like it.
found via Con-fetti

My mom and dad need to have a motto like this for our farm
The Resort at Paw’s Up (via bash, please: The Resort at Paw’s Up)

gray polka. Bre's style post makes me miss the GAP

this clutch is plaid perfection. and the shop styling is blowing my mind.
{via etsy shop Romawinkel}

what are you loving lately?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

because goats are cute

Growing up we had cows. lambs. horses. a random donkey (that used to chase us up and down the fence row. I hated that thing). But we never had a goat. My sister in law has several and they are so flipping adorable. Then I saw this. Buttermilk just increased my goat infatuation by 99%. and he has a facebook page. And does charity. kind of a Goat rockstar.

other goat cuteness
- If scout was a goat she would look like this
- in a tower
-at a wedding
-and another wedding