Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Currents: Lucky 2013

Happy 2013!
my life currently (according to instagram)

1. New Years Eve in the warmest boots ever / 2. My Grandma canned everything in our pantry and I'm still in love with our wallpaper / 3. New bay windows and the snow covered pine trees / 4. Every light fixture we put in the house are from exterior light section, including these in the bathroom / 5. my dog is seriously adorable / 6. found my itty bitty red corduroy jacket circa 1st grade / 7. our new bed that is perfect for napping and recovering from walking pneumonia / 8. our wood-grain tiled shower is finally finished / 9. arcades and bowling alleys have the best carpet / 10. love him and his beard / 11. I miss this face so much when I go away for the weekend / 12. working on our story minibook / 13. more minibook with a little garth / 14. she's ready for an adventure with her new harness / 15. it's like Target made this for me / 16. the melting snow is bittersweet

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