Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Josie Grossie

I hate being sick. 
And this week I have strep throat which is no fun for anyone.
Except for Scout because she got to lay around with me all day.

so yesterday I went to the worlds longest doctor's visit and got an antibiotic
(why do they call it a rapid strep test? )

then I went and bought myself some get well soon donuts
and a gallon of lemon berry squeeze

Today I accidentally ate a whole bag of candy corn for breakfast.
I'm pretty sure I deserved it though.

Is anyone else really excited about Halloween candy being out already??

Monday, August 29, 2011

mmmmm donuts

I would happily eat donuts for atleast 1 meal everyday.
I know, I'm super healthy.

I love when I see donuts incorporated into people's weddings.
sometimes cake is overplayed.
wedding donuts
photography by feather love

donut engagement session
photography by Heather H


Ace Hotel Pool Party Reception by Jesi Haack Design 

breakfast shoot by Bows and Arrows

more donuts (wedding)

and some more

and these are the best donuts ever. 

(atleast the best in Ohio)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

pirate's booty

I made a pirate ship cake this weekend for a friend's dad's surprise 50th birthday party
(pirate themed evidently)

have you tried the new vanilla cupcake goldfish?? so good.

the little blue haired mermaid hitching a ride was my favorite part.

how cute would these have been?

and that eye patch was the extent of my pirate costume
I made up for it by drinking a pirate size amount of rum punch.

and we had an earthquake yesterday?
I thought I was just dizzy.
or still feeling the rum.

Friday, August 12, 2011

and I want this gnome

gnome side table
spotted on Refinery 29

33 years

today my momma and dad celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary.

awesome sauce if you ask me

and then 32 years later
my brother got married in the same church.
{love our church}

so glad it's Friday.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

weekend adventures

a few photos from this past weekend.

prom promise.
plus they have lucky charms marshmallows minus the cereal.

we went to a giant fabric outlet to buy material to make table runners for an upcoming wedding.
they have every color of every fabric.
and its organized by color.
It's ocd heaven.

pretty seahorse chainsaw carving at the tractor show.
this guy was amazing. and cheap.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

stuff i love lately


Lulu Frost stacking rings via Blue Moss Girls

stripes, wrangler, AND, denim? need it

 excessively messy hair 
on the acne resort runway

i'll take that blazer in sunshine please
via j.crew

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Break 2011

 this seems like a good idea
1. I need to take more pictures
2. I am a sucky blogger as of late

my brothers rusted out chevy Old Blue
(my dad has the same one in yellow)

does anyone else associate every child memory with what kind of car or truck their parents were driving? 
i.e.  blue Buick (when Michael shoved an Elfkin cookie up my nose) or silver Lincoln (where dad let me eat McNuggets on a Lent Friday) , and the brown Mercury (hitting  two cows with Mom).
Red and black Chevy (getting my first ticket- it didn't have seatbelts)
Pappy's blue and white Ford (flying down backroads and hitting every bump)
well you get the idea...

scout is the weirdest sleeper ever

pirates like snacks too

Happy Wednesday! :)