Tuesday, June 30, 2015

So we had a baby.

So we got married. And had a baby. And bought a house. And now we're having another one (a baby that is.) in 16 days (or less). all in a little over two years! I'm sure no one but me reads these posts anyway but I decided this is a good place to "memory keep" so I'm back! 

We got married in May 2013 and Elodie Jean was born in June 2014. She's perfect (of course). Our little boy is due any day and I'm freaking out a tiny bit. Two babies 😳. 

Elodie is 12 months and it's my favorite age so far. Even though I think they have all been my favorite. She babbles non stop from the moment she wakes up with her feet in my face ( yes we cosleep- kind of) until she passes out at night. Her leg rolls have reached the maximum amount of chunkiness and her hair is starting to curl up in the back. She's pretty amazing.