Wednesday, June 30, 2010

cottage nook

speaking of nooks...
I would so live here.

But I would need a whole other cottage for my closet

a fully equipped bathroom
with an outdoor shower
{and toilet}

of course
campers are the cutest living nooks.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

trends {pretty socks}

pretty socks are one of my favorite trends
{ mostly because I have this }

{makes me this happy}

where are your favorites from?

image sources found here
and here

Friday, June 25, 2010

finally friday.

my add is running rampant.
and I just bought josh's niece the cutest pink cowboy boots.
having a joint birthday party with josh, his niece , and myself at the river this weekend.
not sure how I feel about sharing.
{my birthday isn't until the 3rd}


awesome bridesmaid gift

cutest brand name ever
from poppytalk

J.Crew obsessed.
true story.
I'm convinced their brand is solely made for tall people though.

i want her boots.

love this dress.
5% because of the color
95% because I think those flowers might do wonders for my nonexistent chest.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


maybe its because i'm little
but for some reason i have always loved little nooks.
growing up my favorite place was behind our couch 
with my minnie mouse sleeping bag
and the Little House on the Prairie books.

some grown up nooks

plate nook

sleeping nooks

music nook 
{my favorite)

nap nook

picnic table nook
ironing nook

confession nook

jumping nook

the boyf's nook
{the best nook ever}

all sources found here
and here

Monday, June 21, 2010

random whimsy

from Nina Ricci

hot milk cake
this recipe sounds yummy

thoughts of annabelle
necklace from ruche

it's on like donkey kong

candy colored 
I would only buy pretty things if I had cabinets like this

my momma has a whole collection of Campbell's mugs
and the bowls that say mmm mmm good.
When I was little I thought she was a genius because she 
would put an ice cube in my noodle soup.
{of course now I know she is a genius}

Happy Monday.
1 week till the boyf's birthday.
12 days till mine.
Birthday week countdown :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

what I bought

Do you have a Gabes in your town?
I have spent my whole life shopping at a Gabriel Brothers.
I may be the cheapest person alive. {I get it from my Dad.}
they always have cute urban outfitters and anthro clothes.
that grey dress matches our bedroom

love the pockets in this dress.

I also found a cute tank top
and 2 skirts {they are already in the laundry.}
this skirt {but in navy}
and this skirt.
all for under 60 bucks.

some other random purchases
the most adorable 99 cent tree from Goodwill.
I want to paint it a fun color.

wood grain fabric from etsy

boy shorts from ae

and I won Brunch at Sak's giveaway
so I am pretty excited to spend $100 at CSN Stores

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

nuggets of inspiration

the perfect family

ultimate summer uniform
I wish I could just pick my outfits of the J.Crew catalog every morning.

beautiful chalk art by Kelli Murray and Amanda Meuller

words of wisdom

happy closet

obsessed with this green bouquet

and this girl's hair.