Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a few realizations.

i kinda want this dress

this photo wreath is brilliant.
and just what my momma needs for Christmas.

i couldn't survive with out my dry shampoo

blue nail polish makes me happy.
and I need those shredded jeans.
what my nails are wearing

i HATE this implanon thing in my arm.
i want it out!
anyone have this birth control implant??
image via

p.s. i have 21 followers.
thank you!!!
i love all of you as much as i hate implanon.


Anna said...

i love that wreath! so cute. i'm dying for some light blue or mint green nail polish too :)

katrina said...

that dress is to die for. i'm taken with any article of clothing that has ruffles. that shade of violet is very pretty.

dry shampoo??? i've been hearing dry shampoo lately. i'm curious now and will probably give it a try soon.

Sophie said...

I love blue nail polish! And the photo wreath is a great idea, thank you, I'll have to try it out.

blue moss said...

my mom would love that wreath too....off to check it out
love your blog

Being Brazen said...

I really need some blue nail polish

Dallas Shaw said...

i also love the blue nails polish. taking it off is always a little creepy

spanky* said...

Ok, so, many things...

1. i'm so mad at myself that i just bought 4 new colours of polish & i didn't get any teal/blue. i LUV the SH "BLU" too. nice.
there are a few essie colours in my give-away, all dark though. nothing vibrant like those. (HD polish, luvs it)

2. that dress is spectacular.

3. i've never used dry shampoo, but i think that i need to invest in some. i hate when my hair is greasy after the work day & i don't have time to shampoo before going out. blech.

4. photo wreath - i massively approve.

5. i was going to get the implanon. (even though i think it sounds like some alien planet). Why do you hate it so much? I seriously feel like, out of the options, it's the best choice. Can you really see it? Does it like bother you? can you FEEL it?! (eek!) i need deets!!!!!

luvs ur blog. 27 followers counting me (yes! i luv when i get to be my lucky number! woohoo!)



Anna said...

i use Pssssst dry shampoo from the drugstore. Its probably not the best but I have blonde hair so you can't see it at all. & the bottle is fun and retro.
Thanks for all the blog love!!!

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