Tuesday, December 1, 2009

why my Dad rocks like granite.

A few reasons why my dad is awesome.
(besides the fact he produced me).

for my 5th birthday everyone signed this baseball tee for me.
my momma ironed on the letters.
you can see the fuzzy ones are completely worn off.
Loved it! Wore it everyday. Now its on my "birthday bear".
The Easter Bunny even wrote on it.
I was a very important 5 year old.

This is how Dad signed my shirt.
So when i looked down I would always
 be able to see his name.
My birthday is on July 3rd.
He told me the whole town had fireworks for me.

I inherit all of my redneck-ness from him.
"A redneck girl got a name on the back of her belt"

he saves wire baskets like this for me so I can have scarf storage.
he enables my thrifting addiction.

he looks like Uncle Jesse from the Dukes.
Once when I was little I wanted to see his face. He shaved off his
beard and I cried everyday till it grew back.

with a house full of 3 very outspoken females my dad 
and  brother don't say much.
When they do, you listen, it's probably something important.
He is the biggest smart ass i know.
And the hardest worker. He has worked at the coalmine for 30 years
(yes that is still a profession )
and works twice as hard on the farm.
He constantly reminds me that I never have to get married .
He used to pretend his favorite color was purple for me.
and let me eat ice cream for breakfast.
Him & Mom took us kids to see country greats like
Ronnie Milsap and Alabama on the weekends.
We were so little we didn't even need tickets to get in the show.
We go auctioning together. And eat coney dogs.

That is a short short list of greatness
but it made me happy to write it :)


Phyllis said...

aw this is such a great, sweet post. love it

Caylee said...

haha i love how your dad signed the shirt upside down. that is adorable. great post, i'm sure your dad would love it too! :)

Anonymous said...

love dads! Yours sounds amazing!

*this daisy said...

So cute! I love how your dad signed your baseball tee upside down - it's brilliant! (:

Anonymous said...

you're father is awesome. at first i didn't understand why he wrote his name upside down. when you explained it, i thought: how clever!

saving baskets for you, greatness.

Kylie said...

Love this whole post! Your dad is awesome!

Carrie said...

That tee is adorable! And your dad sounds like one hell of a guy ;-)

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