Tuesday, December 8, 2009

gifts for the boyf.

A few things I have spotted that have gift potential for J. But we aren't buying alot for Christmas because we put a 2nd offer in on the cutest house!
yep. pretty excited about that!

whiskey cologne via
random fact: whiskey was the name of my 1st dog.
my brother and i named him.
we were 3 and 4.
our grandparents owned a bar.
he looked like this.

a personalized guitar pick via
 "love you more than oreos".

jeep clock via

and I actually just bought him this!

from this shop on etsy.
and if he doesn't love it i am wearing it.

and a dog like this.

doing laundry,
making chocolate chip cookies,
and waiting for the snow!
*ok so it is probably not coming here, 
but a girl can dream!


Anonymous said...

omg omg omg. i'm dying from that dog's very cuteness...

Anna said...

the boyf's parents have the sweetest pug, i will have to post pictures so you can see her cuteness!

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