Monday, December 14, 2009

what i love today. gray.

gray is my favorite color. I always gravitate towards gray shirts and dresses when i'm shopping. is that weird?
 i swear i am extremely elated and happy 90% of the time. i am like pure sunshine. thats what dad used to say when i was little because i am strangely happy in the morning. probably because i knew he would let me eat cookies for breakfast.

delicate headband
and her tee-shirt is fabulous..

this feminine yet tough around the edges outfit

this feather calendar is a must-have

her coat

whimsical tree 

comfort zone.


katrina said...

i hear you. i was quite neutral about gray up until a few months ago, when i saw an orla kiely outfit pairing gray with orange. it was the most astonishing thing -- for me atleast, since i didn't really like the color at the time. well, i've grown to like it more and more and think it looks quite stunning with all sorts of colors.

these photos you've curated in this piece are all lovely, especially the last one by notebook doodles!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

You have the cutest blog! Looove it.

Anyway, I love gray too! I always feel weird telling people that, but it is one of my favorite colors.

Love that top shirt!

pink coffee photoart said...

that whimsical tree is adorable!

Emily Anne said...

Cute, cute blog! :) You're outfits are darling.

Pedro Herrero. said...

The photos and outfits are great, and they match perfectly with the winter!

198, Butterfly: Design, Fashion, Art and Architecture:

thislovelycity said...

I love all this Grey! I especially love the tree + the last photo+quote!

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