Wednesday, December 9, 2009

happy happy

We got the house!

it has NO flooring. i need help.
best places to get wood flooring? carpet?
i have never painted anything besides a fence.
and my parents bathroom ceiling.

i am in love with this floor


p.s. we have a RED door

i think i like this red better

next step. convincing the boyf that  wallpaper is his idea.


Caylee said...

YES to red doors and definitely a yes to cool wallpaper! congrats on getting the house, you get to start from scratch with design... how exciting! :)

Anonymous said...

how awesome is that?!? congratulations! i'm looking forward to many metamorphosis shots. :D

Dylana said...

Lovely blog!

Adele said...

hi hun! thanks for following (: it's so neat that you get to redo your very own house. i would be waay excited to start diy-ing (: and i hope you get wallpaper! x

Karen said...

Red doors are my fave! Love the color you picked.

Alot of my friends bought their wood/bamboo floors at Ikea and Home Depot. Very reasonable. If you need more advice, let me know, I'm an interior designer for my day job!

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