Tuesday, December 22, 2009

peace out implanon

Guess what?!?!
yep. i got my implanon implant removed today.
it took 3 doctors  and 1 hour to get it out.
and it was not pleasant (to say the least)
if it was that hard to remove it after 2 months, i can't imagine 3 years...

i am the happiest girl in the world right now!

and i want these boots.
even though my Mammie has been rocking them for years.
via j.crew

and these ruffles

and these glasses.
ok i'm done.
out to eat to celebrate!!

on a side note, J has a zillion Christmas presents for me under the tree.
 any last minute cute (cheap) ideas?


Laura Trevey said...

i need some boots like that for the
snow we still have here ~~~

merry merry!!

Anonymous said...

you must feel relieved. so happy to hear it went well.

those shoes accented with hearts are darling.

a pina colada said...

Congrats! celebrate well! Great list of loves...I want a pair of those boots too. I wish I could have 50 different pairs of boots. Boots rock! Merry Christmas!

Sophie said...

That's great news! (Even if it was unpleasant.) I love the shoes in the first photo.

TheBeautyFile said...

I absolutely LOVE the last photo! It's so perfect!

Bridie said...

i have no idea what you got done... or why it would hurt, or what part of your body this occured on. so im off to google and learn! hahaha

Bridie said...

ok wow!!!! that is crazy! never heard of it before! glad your better now though!

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