Wednesday, January 4, 2012


yes i know. It's not December anymore. And its not even cold out here today. (44 degrees). But I really had my heart set on naming a blog post Decembrrr so here it it.

my year in review
{go here to see it bigger}
made with Amy Jaz's super cute Fresh Start kit.

a few things I forgot to blog about in December

Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Mine had a wreath and a cat and puffy paint. I wore it home on Christmas day and got absolutely no reaction from my mom and dad. I guess they're used to me dressing a little "quirky".

Ford Escapes don't recognize me as a person in the front seat. it's weird. maybe i should get a car seat...

scout is extra adorable with her cindy lou who / i love Christmas headband on.

my favorite man in the whole world turned 60 the day after Christmas.
so of course I woke him up with cinnamin rolls and my horrible singing.
happy Birthday Dad :) You're the youngest 60 year old i know!

next post I'll act like its 2012...


Annie said...

Such a cute post...and it is an awesome post name :)

The Other Side of Gray

Unknown said...

Your dog is absolutely adorable! :)

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